Pre-order Cancellations

🚫 Strict 24-Hour Cancellation Policy:
Pre-orders can only be canceled and refunded within 24 hours of placing the order. We emphasize this policy to maintain fairness and efficiency in our operations.

Deposit Refund

💵 Non-Refundable 20% Deposit:
Please note that the 20% deposit made at the time of pre-ordering is non-refundable if the order and payment have been processed for more than 24 hours!

Exceptions for Deposit Refund

  • Project Cancellation by Manufacturer: If the manufacturer cancels a project and production does not proceed.
  • Lost or Undeliverable Package: In cases where a package is lost or cannot be located. 
  • Failure to Receive Statue from Manufacturer: If we are unable to receive and consequently, deliver the promised statue due to various reasons on the manufacturer’s end.

Returns Policy & General Infos

🔄 No Returns on Delivered Statues:
We are unable to accept returns or offer refunds or credits for statues that have been shipped and delivered.
This policy is in place to ensure the integrity and exclusivity of our collectibles.

🚧 Account Suspension for Repeated Cancellations:
We understand that circumstances can change, but frequent cancellations, even with the retention of the 20% deposit (if 24 hours have passed), compel us to take additional measures.
To maintain the integrity of our ordering system and fairness to all our customers, we regrettably must enforce a policy where repeated cancellations will lead to exclusion from future orders.

🙏 Considerate Pre-Ordering:
We urge our valued customers to pre-order thoughtfully. Should there be three instances of order cancellation, we will, unfortunately, have to implement the aforementioned measure of account suspension.

At TARC Studios, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter, we strive to offer clarity and fairness in our policies.
While we regret any inconvenience these stipulations may cause, they are necessary to ensure the best service for our valued collectors.

TARC Studios — Commitment to Quality and Collector Satisfaction.