After Sale Service at TARC Studios

At TARC Studios, we understand the importance of exceptional after-sale service.
Our commitment is to ensure that every incident of damage is addressed with the utmost care and attention.
Resin statues are naturally very fragile, and even well-packed and carefully shipped products might arrive with clean breaks, snaps, or scratches on the paint -> this kind of issues are mostly not covered and if you don’t agree please don’t place an order!
In case of significant damage, please contact us within 24 hours after receiving the statue. via Email or by filling the form below!


🔧 Dedicated Damage Resolution

No matter the issue, we are here to offer a solution. Over the years, we have established strong relationships with numerous well-known manufacturers, allowing us to provide the best possible service. However, we acknowledge that replacement parts are not always available. In such instances, we offer partial refunds or a repair service as an alternative solution.


🔄 Collaboration with Manufacturers

Working closely with our manufacturers, we strive to find the most effective solution for every case. We ask for your patience as these processes can often take several weeks. Our goal is to ensure a satisfactory resolution, even when faced with challenges.
We distance ourselves from studios with a bad reputation and poor after-sale service but still not every after-sale issue will lead to replacements!


🙏 Your Patience, Our Commitment

We appreciate your understanding as we work with manufacturers to finalize the best course of action. Rest assured, our team at TARC Studios is dedicated to resolving your concerns and maintaining the high standard of customer satisfaction you expect from us.

TARC Studios — Committed to Excellence in Every Step.