At TARC Studios, we offer various payment methods to accommodate your preferences and ensure a seamless shopping experience.

Did you know?
You only need to pay a deposit (20%) and the rest amount can be paid off in partial payments or at once, as soon as the statue becomes ready to get shipped. 
We will notify you when the final payment is needed and kindly ask you to fullfill it within 1month, otherwise the pre order gets cancelled and the deposit not refunded!

The prices are all stated in Euro € by default but we accept your payments in US Dollar $ as well.
Fees for PayPal payments are 3,9% 
Fees for Stripe payments are 1,5% 


🔄 Installment Plan: The Installment Plan is designed for your convenience.
Once we send you the PayPal invoice for the total amount, you have the flexibility to access and pay the invoice repeatedly as it suits you.
After your order, we’ll manually send you an open invoice within 24 hours.
This invoice can be accessed and paid at your convenience, giving you complete control over your payment schedule.
A 20% down payment is required within 48h after receiving the invoice, with the remaining balance payable at your pace, up until the statue’s release.


💳 Stripe Payments: For secure, hassle-free transactions, choose Stripe Payments. This option allows you to use Credit and Debit Cards for straightforward and protected purchases. 

💸PayPal Direct: Prefer quick and trusted payment? Our direct PayPal option is perfect for fast and secure transactions directly through PayPal. 

TARC Studios — Simplifying Your Payment Experience