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[PRE ORDER] Aftershock Studio – Slifer the Sky Dragon

Brand: Aftershock Studio Scale: – Size: 45x35x33cm Limited to (TBA)pcs, release Q3 2024     All Preorders are non refundable therefore please

[PRE ORDER] Aftershock Studio – Yugi Muto

Brand: Aftershock Studio Scale: 1/6 Size: 31x20x14cm Note: 2 heads included Limited to (TBA)pcs, release Q3 2024     All

[PRE ORDER] Beast Studio – Tormentor The God Of Obelisk

Brand: Beast Studio Scale: – Size: 50x60x47cm Note: LED included Limited to 158pcs, release Q4 2024        

[PRE ORDER] MX Studio – Black Magician Girl

Brand: MX Studio Scale: – Size: 43x42x40cm Limited to 188pcs, release Q4 2024         All Preorders are non

[PRE ORDER] NiPiPi Studio – Dark Magician Girl

Brand: NiPiPi Studio Scale: 1/6  Size: 19cm & 24cm (EX Version) Note: 2 versions available Regular version – with simple crystal base

[PRE ORDER] Wasp Studio – Pegasus J Crawford

Brand: Wasp Studio Scale: – Size: 23x12x14cm Limited to 168pcs, release Q4 2024         All Preorders are non

[PRE ORDER] Zenkai Studio – Yugi Muto

Brand: Zenkai Studio Scale: 1/1 Size: 97x103x96cm Note: 2 versions available (smiling face or serious face) Limited to (TBA)pcs, release