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    We know that the waiting game is the hardest part of this hobby but we kindly ask for patience, for roughly estimated shipping times check out our „shipping“ section.
    All statues are shipped directly from China to our customers (fastest option to receive them after release) and getting them customs and tax free for our EU customers, is a long and complex process which takes a little time.
    As soon as a statue is shipped, we will provide you the tracking number within 1 week and you can use any global tracker to check the status.
    (We mostly recommend because it tracks everything)

    My tracking is not updating, did something went wrong? NO, non of our packages gets lost since it’s tracked in between every move it makes but sadly those internal forwarder infos don’t get updated - that means sometimes trackings don’t get any update in 40-45 business days, which is absolutely normal and you don’t have to panic!
    The tracking number gets an update as soon as the customs are cleared and the package arrives at the destination county - from there on its mostly 3-5 business max till it gets delivered.