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    Did you know?
    You only need to place a deposit (20%) and the rest amount can be paid of in partial payments or at once when the statue is ready to ship.

    We’re offering you the most common, easiest, fastest and most uncomplicated way to make your payments. 
    Our webshop is having the option of using PayPal Goods and Services, PayPal Friends, Bank Transfer and Installment Plan at check out, which allows you to handle your upcoming payment during the order process they way you prefer. 

    No matter which payment method you prefer - we’re sending you an invoice within 24h after you’ve placed your order via Email. 

    PayPal Goods and Services adds 3% fees at the price, if you want to avoid the fees you can choose between our other payment methods "Bank Transfer" or "PayPal Friends".
    We also offer an "Installment Plan" option over PayPal, choose this option and you can pay off your statue easily in multiple installments with an "Open Payment Plan".

    The prices are all stated in Euro € by default but we accept your payments in US Dollar $ as well.

    Pay a low amount of 20% only to place your pre order, we never ask for the full payment in advance.

    Partial payments:
    After making a pre order and paying your deposit, we can offer you to pay off the rest balance in partial payments - makes it more affordable and easier!?
    We leave it completely up to you, pay whenever and how much you want - the invoice gets updated until it’s paid off!

    Full payment:
    Well there is not much to say about that. For our customers who want to pay off their statues as soon as possible - there you go, choose this option and your statue is completely paid off.