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    We offer you the best after sale service and won’t leave you alone with any kind of issue!
    Resin statues are very fragile in nature and even well packed and carefully shipped
    products might arrive with clean breaks/snaps or scratches on the paint.

    In case of a massive damage, please contact us within 24h after receiving the statue.
    We will immediately get in touch with the manufacturer and sort it out for you, by offering replacement for the damaged parts or giving a refund - depends on the situation and grade of damage etc…

    We’re having many reliable and legit partnerships with most of the big and known studios and can guarantee the best after sale regarding replacement parts. We’re taking distance to Studios, with a bad reputation and bad after sale service - that’s why we only list studios we’re having an agreement for replacement parts with, that’s how we can offer the best aftersale service on a maximum level regarding replacements for our customers!